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A March in favor of Gun Control in the U.S.

The gun violence in the United States has been very rampant last year. A lot of the citizens in the US were already alarmed of the accidents involving the use of guns in their country. More than a dozen of innocent people die because of unexpected violence even among young children and teenagers. The government of the United States headed by President Barack Obama was urged to take action in the various horrific attacks in different States.

Two of the worst cases that involved gun violence were during a shootout in the Colorado Cinema that aired “The Dark Night Rises” were a young man was responsible for claiming the lives of innocent movie viewers in the premiere night of the said movie. The other incident had happened in Newtown, Connecticut where a shooting incident also happened inside the school premises of Sandy Hook Elementary School. The lives of children and school administrators were taken by a 20-year-old boy.
Last Saturday, January 26, a group of people were marching and holding signs in favor of gun control.

The Mayor of Washington DC, Vincent Gray headed the said March on a National Mall in Washington. The thousands of people who attended the March were mostly from Washington but citizens of Newtown, Connecticut also supported the event. One of the speakers of the event was the US education Secretary, Arne Duncan who was pro gun control.

An article from Reuters has published an article that wrote the statement of the Education Secretary that read, “This is all about gun responsibility. This is about gun safety. This is about fewer dead Americans, fewer dead children, fewer children living in fear.”

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