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US on Chinese Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks such as hacking is considered cyber crime and is punishable by law. A lot of cyber attacks from different known websites of the government or even other institutions have been circulating eveywhere in the world. It is hard to identify the masterminds of the said hacking but the country from where it came from can be traced. Since the world wide web has been a commonly used tool for research and obtaining of imprtant datas,it is open to everyone but there might be some informations, important ones, kept hidden to the public for security reasons.

Experts on internet hacking have revealed that most of the hackers who does the cyber attacks in countries like th US is coming from China. The CNN pulbished a recent report that gave details on the investigation conducted using different US website and it turned out after tracing where the hakcers come from, the result showed it was from China but authorirties from China denied about it upon heaing the report.Beijing officials haveclaimed that the said act is not legal in their country.

In the United States, there are two famous news papers like the New York Times that has been one of the victims of cyber attacks and has released a statement that they have been receiving a lot cyber threats. In addition, the famous Wall Street Journal has also reported to the US authorities about the same cyber attack incident and both websites were the target. The Cyberspace is hardly secured because more and more cyber attackers can easily get into the systems and possibly steal important and event private informations from the attacked sites.

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