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  • The Mis Seller of PPI: Financial Advisers

    In making any kind of claim, one must prove how their claim is true. If one fails to prove their claim, then they have a problem. PPI or payment protection insurance is the biggest problem of the United Kingdom. Today, the claims process for the repayments have become simpler thanks to the efforts of the

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  • Liquor Ban During Election Day Pushed to Be Lifted

    Tax revenue losses during election day due to liquor bans have pushed some lawmakers to consider overturning the law banning the sale of liquor during voting hours in Kentucky. Kentucky is one of the few remaining states to not allow the sale of liquor during election days along with South Carolina. Democratic state representative Arnold

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  • Police Presence to be Increased This Week

    With the rising vandalism, littering, noise and underage parties and drinking disrupting community and neighborhoods, the police are increasing their authorial presence all over the Five Points of South Carolina. The president of the Wales Garden Neighborhood Association, Andrew Marion, states that the kids get extremely drunk, vandalize properties, lose their respect and easily become

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