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President Obama emotional on Gun Control Legislation


The Gun Control legislation in the United States has been an ongoing issue. US President Barack Obama during his speech has been urging the lawmakers in the US to support the legislation on gun control. He said that the lawmakers should vote on the said legislation in the Congress. After the bloody incident in Newtown, Connecticut wherein a number of 26 people died last year in December because of a gunman attacking the school and killed some children and school staff, the issue on gun laws has emerged in the country.

According to the figures of the opinion polls in the United States, there were a majority of people in America who were in favor of supporting the gun control and the banning of weapons in the country. It was reported that the ones who oppose the said decision are coming from the Gun Rights Group and the National Rifle Association in the US. Many reports are saying that these groups who were against the bill were also influencing the politicians in the US Congress.

President Barack Obama in his statement was emotional when he said to the American listeners that when the country would not have any response with the Newtown incident, it would be a tough day not only for the affected citizens but also for him. Reporters have described that the President tried to hold his tears after releasing the statement. A report coming from the Associated Press saying that when the President recalled a parent’s testimony about the Newtown incident there were tears that fell from the eyes of the President.

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