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  • Super Storm Hits China, Leaves 33 Dead

    Super typhoon Usagi hit the southern area of China, destroyed cars off the road and claimed 33 lives Monday. According to weather stations, Usagi was the season’s strongest storm in the Southeast Asian region. Hundreds of scheduled flights have been cancelled and shipping and train lines have been stopped. The storm weakened to a tropical

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  • Sheppey Bridge Accident Collides and Traps Over 130 Cars

    Authorities closed the Sheppey Bridge today as a thick fog limited visibility and led to over 130 vehicles crashing against each other. The ensuing chaos had destroyed millions of pounds in properties, but has no casualties. The incident happened 7am in the morning. Local police from Kent arrived from the scene. Some witnesses said that

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  • Peace Talks Between Palestine-Israel Resume

    In recent months, tensions between Isreal and Palestine have been quite high despite recent breakthroughs like the release of prisoners by Isreal. However, after three years without peace-talks, Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in have been held in Jerusalem. The meeting, as confirmed by both sides, had ended late on Wednesday after several hours. One Israeli official

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  • Food from Primary School Kills 22 Children in India

    An estimated 22 children died immediately and 30 more children were sent to hospitals after consuming free food provided by a government-run primary school. Indians rallied in protest in India’s Bihar state on Wednesday. The children, who are 8-11 year old, started vomiting right after they ate a meal of potatoes, rice, beans and lentils

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  • Afghan Forces Suffer as NATO Withdraws Support

    The scheduled withdrawal of NATO from Kabul to complete the transfer of security to all government forces is slowly having its effect. Afghans have proven formidable in fighting the Taliban in all the three quarters of the country and a great number had been cleared. However, the reduction of troops in the area means that

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    Payday Loan Demand Reaches Record Levels

    A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research has uncovered that around 1 in 4 people in the United States have taken out a payday loan in the last couple of years. These statistics are certainly alarming, as it paints a very clear picture of how many Americans are struggling right now. Bills

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