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Ohio Citizens State Energy Boom Platforms from Next Government

The citizens of Ohio have clearly expressed their intentions for having an “energy boom” centered in Ohio. Ohio residents, once the center of commercial, industrial and business boom, had fallen into economic disasters because of outsourcing. Families in the area state that both participants in the U.S. presidential elections don’t seem to be allied with the local industries and are focusing more in their respective territories.

Most Ohio residents are swing voters, however, they state that they only want “what’s best for the United States”. They state that if governments wanted to know what’s best for their country, it would be best to live in Ohio and try to earn what they have made with their houses and properties. They state this would help runners in the election understand what the people really need.

Ohio has recently stumbled upon an “energy boom” after decades of economic struggle from its citizens as farmlands were discovered to have oil and natural gas wells rich beneath the farmlands of many dairy farmers. Dairy farmers, now losing to imports, are having a better life as industries continue to lease their lands for oil and gas drilling.

The state saw rising prices in lands from $15 per acre half a decade ago to $5,800 per acre today. The local energy boom helped many Ohio farmers retain their lands.

Citizens don’t firmly believe in businessmen bailing out their debts for them. In Ohio, a resident stated that they were the ones to bail themselves out of the debt but not through another “easy way” debt deal. All they did was tighten their belts, which most people would really do in such a situation.

While they trust their local governments for being allies of the energy boom, most residents find it firmly that the present administration has no support for local industries.

Source: CNN

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