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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: 55 Dead, 22 in New York

Super Hurricane Sandy reached New York on Monday and left power outages, flooded streets, destroyed public and private properties and left many suspended from work. The hurricane left at least 22 dead from the storm and at least 55 people in the whole country died from the strength of the storm. US President Obama states that the storm is greatly “heartbreaking” for the entire United States.

Some of those who died were a police officer who died after rescuing his family, a man who died from a tree-fall during the storm inside his home and a woman who got electrocuted by a live electrical wire during the storm outside her home.

In the Carribean areas, around 132 people have died.

Authorities state that in New York, it might take at least three to eleven days before power may be restored. Residents have been using space heaters and generators to provide heat for houses. Large trees have fallen into houses and many were stranded away from their homes. Almost thousands of cars and billions of dollars in property damages were estimated from the storm.

The power was cut by 8 P.M. as the storm’s climax held the entire city of New York and New Jersey.

Source: Guardian

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