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US and Other Western Officials “Unnerved” By US Embassy Arrest in Egypt

Authorities arrested an Egyptian employee of the United States Embassy in Egypt, Ahmed Alaiba, due to suspicion of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood. According to local Egyptian news media, Alaiba is suspected of joining the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities, particularly the riots during the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

US Officials and other western officials in close contact with Muslim Brotherhood representatives were “unnerved” by the Egyptian Interim Government’s re-classification of the Muslim Brotherhood into a terrorist group. At least 20 reporters all over the world had been arrested for meeting with Muslim Brotherhood leaders to report on their views.

Egyptian Authorities had also made it confusing for many western officials and diplomats whether a meeting with Brotherhood representatives could be a crime. Many diplomants and officials have met with Brotherhood leaders for decades working to set up their presence and their eventual political victory in the Egyptian parliament.

According to the US Embassy in Egypt Spokesman Mofid Deak, the embassy is in contact with the Egyptian government regarding the arrest of Alaiba, who had been detained for a few days without any charges.

The only evidence of involvement Egyptian authorities have against Alaiba is the appearance of his name in the leaked emails of Khairat el-Shater, a Brotherhood leader.


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