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  • Food from Primary School Kills 22 Children in India

    An estimated 22 children died immediately and 30 more children were sent to hospitals after consuming free food provided by a government-run primary school. Indians rallied in protest in India’s Bihar state on Wednesday. The children, who are 8-11 year old, started vomiting right after they ate a meal of potatoes, rice, beans and lentils

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  • Afghan Forces Suffer as NATO Withdraws Support

    The scheduled withdrawal of NATO from Kabul to complete the transfer of security to all government forces is slowly having its effect. Afghans have proven formidable in fighting the Taliban in all the three quarters of the country and a great number had been cleared. However, the reduction of troops in the area means that

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  • UN-peacekeepers-patrol-the-Todach-area-north-of-Abyei-AFPUNMIS-Stuart-Price

    Dinka tribal group ruler in Sudan shot in Abyei region

    A well-known tribal leader in the territory of Sudan in Abyei was killed after he was shot in an attack involving an Arab militia rival. The leader of the Dinka tribal group Kual Deng Majok died during a deadlock between the UN peacekeepers and the Arab Misseriya militia. Reports stated that there were several forces

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